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Motorola Moto 360 can’t handle latest Android Wear update

If you’re the owner of a Moto 360 Android Wear device and you’ve been waiting for an update, you might want to go make yourself a sandwich or something instead.

In a rare moment of transparency for a technology company, Motorola has been totally forthright regarding the impending Android Wear 5.1.1 software update to the Moto 360, by admitting that it’s simply not ready yet.

The original question, which was directed at the company’s Twitter account and enquired as to how long users would have to wait to get their hands on the planned update to 5.1.1. Refreshingly, Motorola didn’t dodge the question, despite the answer being a potential source of discord.

While we understand that the response may be disappointing for Moto 360 users who are waiting for the update, which will apparently include Wi-Fi cloud sync capabilities among other things, it’s refreshing to see the company striving to ensure perfection before it rolls out an update.

Quite when we can expect to see the rollout is still unclear, but Motorola seems to be working hard to get the update to end users as soon as it’s 100 per cent functional.

In fact, other companies could do with taking a leaf out of Motorola’s honest approach. Despite putting out some of the nicest gadgets around, Apple is known for employing smoke and mirrors when addressing software and hardware refreshes, an issue which we’ve seen up front in recent months with the introduction of the Apple Watch.

Despite the company initially touting its premier wearable as offering “all-day battery life”, many users were left wholly disappointed with the device’s longevity since its release back in April. And while Apple is reportedly working to deliver performance improvements, it would be nice for us consumers – who pay out their hard-earned cash on devices – to be kept in the loop more often.


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