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Motorola Moto X 2015: In a nutshell

The third-generation Moto X is set to launch this year and has already been the target of leaks, with specs and photos emerging online. Here’s all of the gossip and rumours condensed into one quick n’ easy Moto X 2015 guide.

Why should I care about the Moto X (2015)?

The first Moto X surprised a lot of people when it launched back in 2013. The device signalled a return to form for Motorola, offering up unique and useful voice control features, plus the ability to custom design your handset online via MotoMaker.

Motorola followed that device up with the second-gen Moto X last year and it was a solid improvement, with sturdier design, a better screen, more power and a larger battery. And now the third Moto X looks to be another step up, offering two size choices and all-new specs.

Moto X (2015) specs and features

Gossip suggests that there could be two versions of the Moto X this year: a smaller, 5.2-inch variant and a larger 5.7-inch phablet, for those with massive mitts.

Both models will reportedly rock nicely crisp QHD displays, like the LG G4 and Samsung Galaxy S6. Performance is provided by a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset (fingers crossed for anything other than the toasty Snapdragon 810) and 3GB RAM, so the Moto X should be as nippy as most other flagships.

You’ll also get a USB Type-C port too.

A leaked shot of a naked Moto X 2015. Sexy.

Early rumours pointed to the new third-gen Moto X packing a fingerprint scanner à la the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S6, but leaked images which purportedly show the finished phone seem to back up recent rumblings that the scanner has been ditched.

All signs point to the new Moto X being launched in a bunch of new styles, much like the LG G4, with wood, leather and plastic all tipped to be available. There’s word of a mysterious fourth option too, which we’re almost certain will be metal. Let’s face it, you’re unlikely to get a leopard-skin model.

The new Moto X will also apparently vastly improve on the old Moto’s sub-par camera performance, according to the company’s chief marketing officer. He responded to a Tweet criticising the earlier devices’ cameras with a reassuring note that Moto would indeed be “bringing it” with the next device.

When will the Moto X (2015) be launched and how much will it cost?

We’re expecting a late August/early September release for the newest Moto X, after Motorola’s head honcho, Rick Osterloh confirmed via social media that he wants to stick to an annual launch cycle.

There’s no information regarding the device’s pricing so far. The first Moto X was pretty budget-friendly, but the second one wasn’t, so we’re hoping that Motorola might try and hit some middle ground this time around. If you absolutely must start saving now, we’d suggest you aim at around the £400 mark.


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