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Motorola kicks off its Moto X $0.01 ‘Try Then Buy’ scheme in the US

Sometimes the only way to find out if a phone works for you is to try it, and that’s what Motorola’s lettings customers in US do with the Moto X.

Try Then Buy - Motorola

When you hear about ‘try before you buy’ deals, it’s usually relating to cheese and wine tasters in your local supermarket, but Motorola’s decided that prospective Moto X owners can try out the company’s top smartphone for two full weeks for just $0.01.

Those involved in the scheme will be able to customise their Moto X using the company’s Moto Maker service, so that the handset that arrives in the post is tailored to each user’s exact specifications (they can even choose the new 64GB capacity model if they wish).

How it works - Motorola

The handset itself comes sans-contract so prospective buyers need to have a SIM on-hand before they sign up, but the approach is certainly intriguing. With smartphones serving as everything from your communications device, to your web browser, to your diary, you need to make sure that the device you choose is going to fit into your life for the next 18-24 months at least (based on your average contract length).

Having the ability to try a smartphone before laying down any real cash not only gives the user the best possible experience before purchase, but also shows a lot of confidence on Motorola’s part in its product.

At the end of the 14-day period, those still not convinced by the Moto X can simply return it to Motorola for free. Should they wish to hold onto it, they can fork out the full amount, with prices starting at $349.99 for the 16GB model, going up to $499.99 for the new 64GB version.

Motorola Moto X

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, Motorola had already run out of promo codes, suggesting that schemes like this really resonate with potential customers. We also haven’t heard whether or not Motorola would consider trialling this offer outside of the US, but we can certainly hope.

Would you rather spend some quality time with a new smartphone before shelling out real cash, or just make it yours from day one? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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