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Motorola MOTOACTV: hands-on video

Post-Christmas, notoriously the time of year most people feel the body-conscious blues after over-eating, over-drinking and over-doing far too little physical activity in general. It’s also an opportune time to jump start your fitness regimen for the new year, and what better way to do it than with a smart gadget such as the Motorola MOTOACTV, released earlier this December. We’ve managed to get a hold of one and have had enough down time with the Dick Tracy style fitness watch to give you some first impressions and a brief hands-on video.

Marrying fitness with music, the Motorola MOTOACTV has 8GB of storage for your tracks. With a micro USB port for charging and transferring mp3s, whether it’s a podcast and a gentle jog in the morning or Survivor and a sprint after work, the MOTOACTV will keep you entertained as you exercise.

The music on your MOTOACTV is actually paired against your performance, so the MOTOACTV will generate playlists tailored around tracks that pump your pace. If mid-run, motivation is really waning, then this smart-watch pulls out the big guns and jumps straight to the specific track that peaks your performance like no other. The fact the Motorola MOTOACTV also pairs with your mobile phone to let you see calls and read texts from your wrist, makes it a neat phone companion whether you’re training or simply going about your working day.

With a focus on cardiovascular exercise, specifically running and cycling, the Motorola MOTOACTV is a competitive exerciser’s best friend. Not only can you upload your times and progress on the MOTOACTV portal to share and compare stats, but in the device itself you can also set a virtual competitor, giving you voice prompts to let you know how you’re doing.

If you’re thinking about bagging yourself a new training partner and the Motorola MOTOACTV seems like a compelling proposition, it’s being sold at the moment exclusively at Sweatshop stores across the UK. Setting you back £249 it’s pretty on track price-wise with other GPS watches that offer multimedia functionality and if you buy one in December or January, you’ll get £100 worth of sweatshop vouchers redeemable on running apparel or footwear.

We’ve taken ours for one post-Christmas run and only have good things to say about it so far. That said, a few more runs down the line and a more in-depth review will be making its way onto our pages in the New Year.


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