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Motorola Motosplit: Makes like a banana

Is it a NASA satellite? A new Nintendo DS? No, it’s what appears to be concept art for what people are calling the Motorola Motosplit, an ambitious looking phone with a two-part Qwerty pad. According to Engadget who posted the image, the Motosplit runs on Android.

For all it’s modern stylings it looks like an estranged (and much thinner) sibling of the Nokia 6820, albeit one that ran away from home and got adopted by Motorola.

The Nokia 6820 was harder than a sack of nails so we hope that the Motosplit is just as tough. It doesn’t look like it’d be able to put up with much judging by this image and the keypad doesn’t look that easy to use, but then again it’s just a concept picture. The real Motosplit could be pretty sturdy.