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Motorola Olympus “found at flea market”

After fuzzy spy shots of the Motorola Olympus did the rounds in November, December brings with it news that a leaked handset has been “found at a flea market.”

Jeez, you’d think these mobile phone companies would be a little more careful with their unreleased products (nudge-nudge-wink-wink, eh marketing department?).

The tipster who sent the outlandish story to Gizmodo said that he picked it up not knowing it would power on. “By holding volume down and power, I was able to access a developers menu with a lot of features, one being a bypass activation screen.”

He ended by saying, “This is a pretty cool phone.”

Unfortunately there’s no confirmation of the rumoured Nvidia Tegra 2 chip which the Olympus is supposed to run off. But it does look like there’s an HDMI connector which could be pretty nice.


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