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Motorola open to developing Windows Phone 7 handsets

Motorola could potential develop Windows Phone 7 handsets in the future, according to the company’s Chairman and CEO Sanjay Jha,

Speaking at the Oppenheimer Technology&Communications Conference, Jha said although Android remains the company’s focus, if conditions are right he is open to working with Microsoft on the Windows Phone Operating system in the future.

Jha said: “I think we’re completely open to the notion of Windows as a platform…. Clearly, all of our focus today is on Android.”

Potentially the deal would be similar to the one between Microsoft and Nokia, which enables Nokia more control over the UI than other manufacturers. CHECK THIS

However, although Jha said Motorola would evaluate Windows Phone; he believes its long-term future is still uncertain – especially against the huge success of Android and Apple iOS. Three competing ecosystems: Windows Phone; HP webOS and Blackberry OS/QNX are unlikely all too survive.

This is interesting news because Motorola has been a pioneer in the Android space. It created one of the first truly great Android handsets with the Motorola Dext, which also introduced MotoBlur the company’s skin and its excellent social networking synchronisation. Motorola was the first company to debut Honeycomb with the Xoom, while the Atrix wowed the tech world with it’s ability to run a Firefox browser via  series of docks.

A Windows Phone from Motorola will be very interesting news, we’ll have to see if it comes to fruition. With regards to Motorola’s current Android future Jha said Motorola will have more global devices launches in the second half, with other key devices joining the Droid Bionic LTE, which is due to arrive in the US soon.

Via: BGR Via: Fierce Wireless


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