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Motorola posts $80m losses for Q4, $249m for 2011

Despite having been acquired by Google last year, there’s still unquestionable pressure on Motorola Mobility to be profitable and prove itself after a rocky track record over the past decade. Unfortunately, if Q4 2011 sales figures are anything to go by, with $80 million losses posted thanks to low sales figures, as a business, the road’s still rocky for this Moto.

With just 200,000 XOOM tables shifted in the period and 5.3 million smartphones, Motorola’s 2011 total sales adds up to 42.4 million mobile devices in and brings their annual loss to a difficult to swallow $249 million, around three time higher than their 2010 losses.

Despite this, Motorola officials are optimistic coupling talk of positive consumer response to their RAZR with a future-focused attitude towards their merger with Google. Given that Motorola are adopting a similar strategy in 2012 to HTC, releasing less handsets and championing one, hopefully 2012 will deliver less room for losses to mount.

Source: BGR


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