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Motorola Pro coming to the UK

Although friends across the Atlantic have been able to get Motorola’s ready-for-business Pro for a while, Motorola have now announced its arrival in Europe.

Channelling the looks of BlackBerry past and present, the Pro features both a keyboard and a multi-touch 3.1-inch screen.

There will be 2GB of internal storage, but can be expanded by microSD up to 32GB.

The Pro will also be able to act as a 3G hotspot to five different devices, with Android 2.2  running on a 1GHz processor.

The Pro will come with special phone and SD card encryption, to keep those trade secrets as they should be; secret.

“Consumers above all need choice to meet the needs of work and play and Motorola PRO strengthens Motorola Mobility’s position as the leading provider of Android devices. We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach,” said Andrew Morley, vice president of marketing at Motorola Mobility.

“In addition, employees and IT departments have made it clear that they want other options and solutions and Motorola PRO meets this need.”

For those “employees” with a passing interest in photography, you’ll get a five-megapixel camera with dual LED flash.

No news so far on which network will be bringing this serious addition to Motorola’s phone family. More news, and some hands-on pictures, when we get them.


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