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Motorola RAZR HD Tips and Tricks

The Motorola RAZR HD serves as the company’s current UK flagship and one of the last batch of the pre-Google products in their pipeline before we likely see the much anticipated Motorola X Phone take to the stage. If you can’t wait for the likes of the X Phone, the RAZR HD has a lot to offer right now and we’re here to demonstrate a few tips and tricks that the ‘all-day phone’ has up its sleeve.

Motorola RAZR HD Tip 1: Quick settings

Just as with the RAZR i, the Motorola RAZR HD features the company’s latest Android UI and one of its greatest features is the Quick settings screen, which is always accessible with a swipe left from your main homescreen.

From Quick settings you can swiftly customise or toggle aspects of the phone on and off such as WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and Flight mode. There’s also an option to jump to the full settings menu if you desire more control.

Motorola RAZR HD Tip 2: Smart Actions

A staple of the Motorola Android experience: Smart Actions let you define a number of triggers to automate how your RAZR HD behaves under certain conditions. You can define actions such as a home profile which will, as an example, lower your ringtone, turn off your mobile data and switch on your WiFi, all because of your phone’s position.

Head to the Smart Actions app to see some predefined actions of create your own.

Motorola RAZR HD Tip 3: Splash-guard

The RAZR HD is an extremely well built phone and it’s not just screwed together tightly. A special hydrophobic coating on both the inside and the outside helps repel moisture like water off a duck’s back. It’s not recommended that you submerge your RAZR HD, but should you spill a drink on it, there’s no need to stress.

Motorola RAZR HD Tip 4: Favourite apps

Stock Android features both an applications and a widgets section when you open up the apps drawer, but the RAZR HD also offers up a favourites section where you can pin any installed apps, giving you quick access to your favourite services without having to trawl through multiple screens.

Motorola RAZR HD Tip 5: Homescreen templates

If you’re new to Android or new to using a smartphone in general, the Motorola RAZR HD has a great set of homescreen templates to quickly add new functionality to the main user interface. Just continue swiping right from your last homescreen and choose either a blank page or one of the four template designs already set up.


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