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Motorola RAZR i Orange pricing confirmed

The Motorola RAZR i launches this month, with its bright 4.3-inch screen and 2000mAh battery it’s an impressive addition to Motorola’s Android range. 

Based on the positioning of the non-Intel-based Motorola RAZR M, the RAZR i takes a secondary position to the flagship (the RAZR HD) in Motorola’s current portfolio and as such will demand a slightly lesser pricing than that of the HD in the process.

As well a range of retailers offering the RAZR i SIM free, we’ve had initial network pricing from Motorola and we’ll update this piece with extra information. You can check out our Motorola RAZR i deals.


Motorola RAZR i press



Orange has announced a range of tariff prices for the Motorola RAZR i, here’s a selection, click the link below to view the full list.

Panther 31 £31 a month: 400 minutes, unlimited texts, 750MB internet, free phone and two swappables (24 months)

Dolphin 31: £31 a month, 600 minutes, unlimited texts, 250MB internet, free phone (24 months)

Panther 36: £36 a month, 600 minutes, unlimited texts, 1GB internet, free phone, two swappables (24 months)

Panther 36: £36 a month, 400 minutes, unlimited texts, 750MB, free phones, two swappables (18 months)


T-Mobile is offering the RAZR i free from £31 per month on a 24 month plan, but the network has yet to announce full pricing. [LINK]

Tesco Mobile is offering the phone on Orange with 200 minutes, unlimited texts, 100MB data and a free phone for £20.50 a month


Virgin Media will offer the RAZR i starting at £23. Further details have not yet been announced. [LINK]

Phones 4U is offering the RAZR i on two 24-month contracts from O2, the first 500 purchases come complete with a set of MOTOROKR S305 wireless Bluetooth headphones.

O2 Data 100 £21.50 a month: 100 minutes, unlimited texts, 500MB of data + WiFi and free phone

O2 On & On £31 month: Unlimited minutes, unlimited text 1GB data + WiFi and free phone




Clove has confirmed it will be selling the Motorola RAZR i SIM-free for £342 in the first week of October. [LINK]

Unlocked Mobiles will be selling the Motorola RAZR i SIM-free for £334.98. [LINK]

Expansys is offering the Motorola RAZR i SIM-free for £344.99. [LINK]


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