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Motorola RAZR projected from air cannon, penetrates cake and lives (with video)

After years of working with phones, we can hand to heart say, we have at times longed to project our misbehaving mobiles across time and space and into oblivion. Fortunately for the tech, sensibility has always prevailed and no phones have been intentionally harmed here at Recombu HQ. While perusing the pages of Mobile Syrup however, we came across an advertising campaign by Rogers in Canada proving that some phones can take a bit of heat, specifically in the form of projection from an air cannon at *big number* miles per hour through mostly edible objects.

What? Why? Who you may ask? In a bid to demonstrate just how durable the Kevlar coated Motorola RAZR is, Rogers have put four videos together masterfully illustrating what happens when you fire the hardy handset through egg & cake, jelly & cream, paint & canvas and finally, cola & popcorn.

While the ending in all the videos is the same (the RAZR lives and with a wipe, unlocks), the incredibly gratifying projectile assault on the variety of mundane fodder is relished with slow motion, a different soundtrack for each video and a teeny tiny disclaimer reminding you – don’t try this at home folks!

With the Motorola RAZR being a great handset, we all know it doesn’t need the glitz and glamour of exploding egg and cake to sell it – but boy is it fun to watch! Check out all four videos, collated for your viewing pleasure below.

Motorola RAZR vs. Cake


Motorola RAZR vs. Jelly & Cream


Motorola RAZR vs. Canvas & Paint


Motorola RAZR vs. Popcorn and Cola

Source: Mobile Syrup


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