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Motorola reaffirms its Ice Cream Sandwich intentions, sheds light on the Android upgrade process

We’ve previously heard that Motorola is going to roll out Ice Cream Sandwich to the Razr in due course along with the Xoom, Xoom 2 and the Xoom 2 Media Edition.

A post on Motorola’s blog from yesterday reaffirms the company’s plans to bring Android 4.0 to these devices as well as shedding light on the upgrade process.

So if you’ve ever wondered why it’s taken what seems like an ice age to get the latest version of Android on your phone, this ought to go some way to explaining how it works.

Upon a manufacturer getting the latest Android source code from Google, it’s also sent to chipmakers such as “Qualcomm, TI, and Nvidia [to] adapt this to their chipsets in parallel” with Motorola incorporating the new code ASAP.

Custom software like HTC’s Sense, Samsung’s TouchWiz and in Motorola’s case MotoCast, and Smart Actions is integrated around this time as well.

After a period of stabilisation and bug fixing, it’s then submitted to the networks for quality control testing. Then there’s a customer pre-release for further QC testing and after that, it’s finally made available to us, the grateful public.

So the next time a new version of Android is announced, expect all of the above to happen before we get any action on the consumer end of things.

Source codes and tags

Motorola says that its “currently assessing [the Ice Cream Sandwich] source code, and over the next month we will be determining which devices will get the upgrade and when – and we will communicate this as information becomes available. ”

It’s been roughly six weeks when we were told to expect upgrade details for the Xoom 2 and its Media Edition counterpart; guess we’ll have to wait a little longer then.

But from what we saw yesterday with the Archos G9 101, it looks like the wait will be worth it.

Additionally, Motorola has published an Android upgrade timetable, detailing which phones and tablets will be getting what and when. Atrix owners hoping for some ICS action might have to wait; looks like it’s not due for an upgrade anytime soon.

Source: Motorola Blog, Motorola Support Forums


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