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Motorola replacing dodgy Nexus 6 phones

Motorola’s build quality is usually second to none, but the company has acknowledged a recent fault seen in some Nexus 6 devices, which causes the phablet’s usually non-removable back panel to peel away from the chassis.

The Nexus 6 problem (which surprisingly hasn’t been dubbed ‘reargate’ or anything similarly asinine) is thought to have affected a small number of early adopters and some of those have taken to Reddit and Twitter to share their disappointment. One user of the online community, iouiu, complained that he’d only just taken delivery of his spangly new Nexus 6 and pulled it from the box, only to find the back plate already bulging off.

Others have echoed the reports, while one user, called chiwalfrm, claimed that he and four of his friends had all been affected. However, in a demonstration of commendable esprit de corps, they chose to simply house their damaged devices in toughened cases and carry on regardless.

Motorola has taken ownership of the issue, informing users that they can expect to receive a replacement device, though they have stopped short of indicating what’s to blame for the problem.

Some online ponderers have asserted that defective batteries are causing the issue, by swelling up and pushing against the rear panel. Others suggest that it’s an adhesive problem, exacerbated by a build-up of heat when using the Nexus 6 – though this doesn’t seem as likely, given reports of brand new, box-fresh phablets turning up knackered.

Nexus 6 back

The issue doesn’t seem to be consigned to any specific geographical region either. Nexus 6 users far and wide have chimed in with their stories, and some have been more unlucky than others.

One particularly unfortunate UK-based owner, Chris Cannon, had his faulty Nexus 6 replaced under warranty only to be sent another which promptly developed the same fault. That little tale appears to suggest that the destickified rear issue is more prevalent than thought, but perhaps Mr Cannon is just one of those people who gets hit by falling pianos as he strolls down the street.

Motorola replied in chipper fashion to Mr Cannon on Twitter, saying “We’re seeing a few — bad luck to get two! Do you need help getting this one replaced?”

While Motorola’s sunny disposition and efficiency in dealing with customer issues is laudable, we don’t imagine that some unfortunate users (who possibly struggled to get hold of the device, due to it being in short supply) are likely to be pleased with their £499 hardware coming apart in their hands. Here’s hoping it really is a limited problem and Motorola doesn’t have to dish out many replacements.


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