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Motorola shows off the Xoom tablet in Superbowl TV ad

For anyone who managed to stay awake for the whole Superbowl, with our without adverts,  across the Atlantic, they got a taste of what to expect from Motorola’s forthcoming Xoom tablet through their first full-length TV advert for the iPad rival.

Continuing its aggressive bent on chasing tablet king Apple, the Motorola-toting protagonist struggles against an army of white-clothed ‘drones’ to win the girl of his dreams over with a natty cartoon, and some flowers.

(He didn’t have to buy them, he could’ve just nabbed a JPEG from the interwebs- but then, where’s the romance?)

The video shows off the Android-powered dual-core tablet’s e-reader app and navigating shops through Google Maps 5.0- in 3D, naturally.

Sadly, the ‘simulated images’ proviso tucked in at the bottom of the screen makes us go a bit sad-face. Watch the video below to see what you can expect from the tablet when it arrives.


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