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Motorola X Phone rumours: 2GHz quad-core, 4000mAh battery and waterproofing?

Rumours obviously don’t always hold water, but it’s sure fun to speculate and that’s exactly what we can do based on new word surrounding hardware for the allusive Motorola X Phone.

An anonymous tipster (as if there’s any other kind) contacted PhoneArena sometime in the last 24 hours claiming to have new, more detailed information surrounding the hardware set to grace what many are considering to be the first original phone under a Google-owned Motorola.

Motorola X Phone coming soon

Based on the information, the new Moto flagship will tote a 4.8-inch display, technology and resolution weren’t stated although expect it to be pretty high. Rather than Gorilla Glass as so many manufacturers opt for the X Phone will utilise sapphire glass; which is said to be up to three times harder. Although not the DuPont Kevlar we’ve come to know from the existing RAZR range, the X Phone may also feature a carbon fibre back and rubberised corners. Design wise, there’s even talk of an evolution of Motorola’s existing SplashGuard tech, opting instead for a full waterproofing, along the lines of the Sony Xperia Z.

The internals sound promising too with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 series 2GHz quad-core processor promising some serious number crunching potential, no doubt paired up with at least 2GB of RAM and to continue the company’s ‘all-day phone’ ideals, a 4000mAh battery to keep all that beefy hardware in check.

Rather than simply being ‘another Android flagship’ Motorola may push the customisability of the phone as the main USP, this notion coming off the back of a post which appeared on Motorola advisor; Guy Kawasaki’s Google+ profile.


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