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Motorola Xoom 3G price revealed: £599.99 exclusively at Carphone Warehouse.

With other coming soon pages getting pulled, or prices being retweaked, we’re not sure how long this page will last. Yes, Carphone Warehouse, who will have exclusive stock of the 3G model, will be offering a SIM-free Motorola Xoom for £599.99, starting in vagueish ‘early April’.

Would they match Dixon’s April 9 release date? Well, we asked the Carphone Warehouse spokesperson, but they were unable to comment further on specific dates.

The webpage has also been updated to include a ‘free dock’ that will come with the Android tablet. Said to be worth £34.99, that should hopefully show-off the Xoom in the best possible light. Oh, and charge it.

The Motorola Xoom is a 10.1-inch tablet with a 1Ghz dual-core processor, running Android 3.0 (Honeycomb); the first version of Google’s Android to be specifically designed for tablets, and making full use of the larger touch-screeen. The screen itself should be able to detect up to ten different movements on the surface.

It’s also able to playback 1080 HD videos, and can even be connected to larger screens through its HDMI port. There’s also a rear-facing five-megapixel camera, capable of 720 HD video, whilst a forward-facing two-megapixel cam allows for video chat.

Oddly, it also has a barometer (we don’t know why either), something a certain iTablet doesn’t have.

Carphone Warehouse don’t seem to be offering monthly data contracts with the tablet, but you should be able to buy your own SIM-only deal on a range of networks. (If you’re a data-fiend, we’d advise Three Mobile’s all-you-can-eat data plan.)


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