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Muji launches stylish notebook app for iPad

We love seeing apps with a touch of class here at Recombu, and MUJI Notebook is the latest to float our boat.

As its name implies, it’s a notebook app, for scribbling and doodling to your heart’s content. It uses handwriting recognition and predictive text input to make the process as fast and efficient as possible.

However, it also lets you import photos and PDF files to make notes on, which could make it a really useful work application too. With photos, you can adjust their sizes to make sure they fit on pages neatly.

Meanwhile, your notebook can be emailed to friends and colleagues. We’d love to see the latter feature taken up a notch, with real-time collaboration (for example, in meetings or brainstorming sessions).

Even so, MUJI Notebook is a cut above most productivity apps we’ve seen for iPad.


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