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Mullets come to iPhone and iPad in high resolution

“Stunning” and “photogenic” aren’t words you usually read in reference to the not-so-humble mullet hairstyle, but new iOS app AAA Mullets! deploys them unashamedly.

It claims to offer “a slideshow of the most stunning and photogenic mullets in their natural habitat by leading photographers”.

Well, indeed. The app promises hundreds of mullet-tastic photos, with what it describes as “professionally produced background ambiance”. Which sadly presumably means the developer couldn’t afford the Kid Rock soundtrack that such an app rightfully deserves.

Either way, it’s a feast of mullety goodness, with every image saveable as wallpaper for your iPad or iPhone. The only quibble is whether £1.79 for this beats surfing Mulletjunky or Rate My Mullet for free via the Safari browser…


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