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Multiplayer Angry Birds Magic coming to Nokia with NFC… magic

Alongside an  Easter update, yet another Angry Birds game was revealed at a special NFC conference, and it’s set to be a bit special.

Angry Birds Free With Magic looks set to use the nascent NFC (Near Field Communication) technology and means it will detect other Angry Birders around you, and add extra content to your game.

Although Angry Birds Free With Magic will have twenty levels in total, only five can be accessed on your own.
For the rest, you’ll need another friend, with an NFC-enabled phone. (Launching exclusively  on Nokia’s C7- you’ll also need a friend who also owns the same phone- could be tricky.)

Touch your two C7s together, and for each friend you bump, you’ll gain five levels. Not exactly an involving multiplayer feature, but at least it’ll get you out of the house.

Another less sociable way to unlock levels comes through tapping your phone against NFC ‘tags’ which could be found in posters or in object. Clues to where you may be able to find them may come later, according to Nokia Conversations.

Rovio’s Mikael Hed said: “With Angry Birds Magic, friends can group together to combat the pig menace, in a new take on the game that so many people all over the world have fallen love with.”

“This is an exclusive offering with the Nokia C7, a smartphone that really kicks off the NFC experience for developers. In time, the communal power of users with Angry Birds Magic could prove even stronger than the Mighty Eagle.”

The Nokia C7 will get Angry Birds Free with Magic alongside a promised update to Symbian Anna update. It will also be included on all NFC-enabled Nokia phones arriving in 2011.

Rovio is apparently working on bringing a full (presumably pay-for) version of Angry Birds Magic – to be made available through Ovi Store with more levels and even more applications of NFC.

Nokia’s Bryan Biniak, said: “Angry Birds Magic is a great demonstration of NFC technology and we’re delighted to have it exclusive to Nokia. It represents an exciting opportunity for developers to create new, innovative apps and games.”

Via: Nokia Conversations


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