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MWC 2014 winners: the coolest mobile tech coming in 2014

In which we choose our favourite phones, tablets and wearable mobile tech coming in 2014, and no doubt anger some fanboys…

The last dazed journalist has now staggered out of MWC 2014 and into the blinding Spanish sun, smelling strongly of sweat and triumph (but mostly sweat). He has seen many wondrous things, from the latest shiny flagship smartphones to innovative new mobile devices. But after a manic week, what are the best phones, tablets and mobile tech that he can’t wait to get his greasy hands on?

Best phones and tablets at MWC 2014

Well, sweet Recombu reader, that journo is me and these are my MWC 2014 highlights: the very best upcoming phones, tablets and other bits that’ll rock our world this year. These are of course my personal picks, and we’re sure others will have different opinions, so let us know your own highlights in the comments beneath.


Best smartphone at MWC 2014

Contenders: Samsung Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia Z2, LG G Pro 2

Winner: Sony Xperia Z2

We saw tons of great handsets at MWC 2014, but the Recombu award for best smartphone comes down to a three-way ruck between Samsung’s Galaxy S5, the Sony Xperia Z2 and LG’s G Pro 2. All three phones look fantastic, loaded with power and plenty of great features, and choosing the one we were most excited about was tougher than a year-old elephant burger.

Samsung Galaxy S5 at MWC 2014

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 added some features such as a fingerprint scanner and waterproofing to keep up with the competition, while innovating with nifty extras including Download Booster and slick PayPal integration. Sony’s Xperia Z2 appeared surprisingly soon after the Z1, but its appearance was justified by a stunning new screen and some great camera features, including the digital image stabilisation and full 4k video recording.

LG G Pro 2 at MWC 2014LG’s G Pro 2 also features image stabilisation, plus a more natural camera flash, the cool Knock Code security feature, and plenty more innovative features that make the most of that enormous screen. We’re really hoping it appears in the UK this time around, unlike the original G Pro.

Sony Xperia Z2 at MWC 2014

We reckon all three phones have five-star potential, but Sony’s Xperia Z2 has us the most excited, thanks to its brilliant blend of innovation and power with glorious and undeniably sexy design.


Best tablet at MWC 2014

Contenders: Sony Xperia Tablet Z2, Huawei MediaPad X1, nVidia Tegra Note 7 LTE

Winner: Sony Xperia Tablet Z2

While nVidia’s slick and powerful Tegra Note 7 LTE was a real surprise, boasting a great stylus and tons of power for not much cash, we have to hand the award for best MWC 2014 tablet to the Sony Xperia Tablet Z2.

Sony Xperia Tablet Z2 at MWC 2014

Last year’s Xperia Tablet Z was a beautifully crafted Android experience, and the Tablet Z2 seems to improve on pretty much every aspect of it, packing tons of power, a brilliant 10.1-inch screen and a super-slender waterproof frame. It’s even more ridiculously thin than the Tablet Z, impressively light, and rammed with all the tasty Sony features you could hope for.


Most interesting/innovative tech at MWC 2014

Contenders: Jolla phone, Yotaphone, Blackphone

Winner: Yotaphone

Another tough one to decide, and our pick for most interesting or innovative tech came down to a toss-up between the Jolla phone, an sleek little mobile packing the entirely touch-based Sailfish OS, and the dual-screen Yotaphone which hides an E-Ink display around the back.

Yotaphone at MWC 2014

We finally decided on the Yotaphone, as that E-Ink screen could really solve the problem of mobile battery life if properly implemented. You can use the rear screen to check and respond to messages, read up on the latest headlines and even browse the web, and the fact that it uses a lot less power than the ‘proper’ Full HD screen could mean battery life lasting up to a week.

Game changer? We’ll find out when the Yotaphone hits stores later in 2014.


Best wearable mobile tech at MWC 2014

Contenders: Samsung Gear 2, Samsung Gear Fit, Sony Smartband

Winner: Samsung Gear Fit

The moment we strapped on Samsung’s Gear Fit, we fell in love with its gorgeous design and excellent interface. We might not be sporty types, but wearing the Gear Fit made us want to take to the pavement and jog for miles, just to enjoy its full range of fitness features. This is the one to watch (watch, hahaha, see what we did there?) in 2014.

Samsung Gear Fit at MWC 2014

These are our personal picks, and sadly we didn’t get the chance to see absolutely everything MWC 2014 had to offer, but let us know your own picks for the best mobile tech to appear in 2014 by leaving a comment below.



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