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My Phone Is Off For You project reminds you to switch off

Mobile phones, as handy and wonderful as they are, have made us into pretty rude social creatures. No matter who we’re physically with, there’s always the potential for someone else to contact us. And for some reason, the absent party is always the more alluring.

Enter My Phone Is Off For You, a sweet little project that encourages you to turn your handset off as a signal to the people you’re with that they mean something more to you than simply a substitute for being alone. It offers a range of tools, like stickers, a napkin and stamps to spread the word. Of course, you could just switch your phone off without using any of this tat, but it does look quite cute.

It’s quite a gesture for a first date though; what if you whip out your little ‘My Phone Is Off For You’ napkin to ceremoniously hide your handset away, and they smile awkwardly while failing to do the same. Then, five minutes later, they get a text which reveals an “emergency” has come up… It’s more of a third or fourth date thing, right?

Get involved at the project’s website where there’s a video showing you how the hipsters do it.

[My Phone Is Off For You via NOTCOT, CrunchGear, Gizmodo]


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