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My6sense RSS reader for Android sorts the wheat from the chaff

The constant chatter of the internet’s Googlepipes can sometimes be confusing, misleading and downright frustrating. So much information is now available and ready to be consumed on our desktop PCs, laptops, notebooks, notepads and iPads – not to mention our mobiles – that sifting through everything to find the good stuff can be an arduous and occasionally dispiriting task. This is where My6Sense comes in, an RSS reader app with a twist.

On the surface, My6Sense for Android is a streamlined RSS reader which integrates feeds from your Google Reader, Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz. And a very nice-looking reader at that.

However My6Sense is different in that it makes a note of what stories you read and whose tweets and statuses you respond to the most. Once the app has an idea of what kinds of stories you’re interested in, it begins to sort items in terms of relevance, instead of displaying everything in a linear feed.

My6Sense calls this Digital Intuition and it’s amazing. Its effects aren’t apparent until after playing around with the app for a bit, but we already really love the automatic sorting of stories based on user’s habits.

There’s a status bar at the bottom of the main screen which shows your current Digital Intuition ‘level’, a basic approximation of how well the app knows your reading habits.

The iPhone version of my6sense gives you all this plus an additional column that acts as a standard reader, i.e. articles are ranked in real time, with the newest stories at the top. This means you can jump between stuff that has been chosen for you by my6sense and also keep an eye on anything that might be coming in hot off the press.

Unfortunately, you don’t yet get this functionality with the Android app. Bear in mind that this is just version 1.0 of my6sense for Android so hopefully we’ll see this added in a future update.

My6sense is free to download from the Android Market and iTunes App Store now.


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