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Mystery LG handset spied in leaked photo

Want to tackle a spooky mystery on your bank holiday Monday? Take a peek at the latest leak by notorious Twitter tipster @evleaks. The anonymous account served up a snap of a unidentifiable LG device over the weekend, not even giving us a clue as to the name. Naturally, speculation has been rampant – some have suggested it’s the Nexus 5, while others believe it could be the LG Optimus G2.

LG did hint that a sequel to the LG Optimus G was coming later this year, after all. The lack of any physical or capacitive buttons on the front of the phone also lines up with some shaky information back in April. A report from etnews claimed that the LG Optimus G2 wouldn’t feature any buttons on the front of the device, with the design team instead opting to move them to the back of the device.

Still, there’s not enough evidence to suggest that will be the case at all. LG may use on-screen buttons for this particular device, or it could be that the LG logo itself is a home button and the capacitive keys on either side aren’t lit up. Others have suggested that this could be the Nexus 5 following a report that LG and Google are teaming up again for the next Nexus. Would Google really let LG put their logo front and center on a Nexus device, though? Highly doubtful.

Even if this is an Optimus G2 prototype of some sort, it could be awhile before the final product sees the light of day, as LG made it clear that the sequel to the Optimus G wouldn’t be released until later in the year.


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