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Native Gmail app coming soon to iOS?

We love the native Gmail experience on Android, so why can’t we get a piece of that action on the iPhone too? Turns out we might not have to wait much longer for that to be a reality.

MG Siegler believes that The Big G are about to launch a native iOS Gmail app. Supposedly the app has already been submitted to Apple for review, so the question is, will it pass through unscathed to the App Store?

It’s entirely possible that Apple will reject the app from the Store. It’s happened before too, with Apple rejected the native Google Voice app back in 2009, eventually making a reappearance in November 2010. Fingers crossed the same doesn’t happen to the Gmail app.

What exactly can we look forward to? Push notifications, Priority Inbox filtering, and one click starring of specific messages. Good stuff.

Since the app has already been submitted we could be seeing it approved and up on the App Store very, very soon. Keep your eyes peeled.

Source: MacRumors


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