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Native Union MM04i: Marvellous music playing handset dock for iPhone

Native Union MM04i – £TBA (available July 2010)

Designed for iPhones, Native Union‘s MM04i (aka Moshi Moshi 04i) plays music from your iPhone when it’s plugged in as a normal speaker dock would. When a call comes in, the MM04i fades the music down and pauses the song. As the MM04i ingeniously doubles as a handset – with the two speakers also working as receiver and mouth piece – you answer calls by picking it up. Once you’ve finished your call and replaced the handset, the music resumes as before.

Call info is transmitted between your iPhone and the MM04i’s handset piece via Bluetooth 2.1, and has an effective range of 10 meters. The MM04i can also be used as a Skype handset, for Skype calls made on the iPhone or from any Bluetooth-enabled computer within range.

The MM04i is due to hit the shelves this July. No price has been announced yet. Click on the next page to see other Moshi Moshi handsets.

Native Union MM04 – £170 (available May 2010)

The MM04 resembles the MM04i, and features much of the same functions as well as the same honeycomb pattern design on the front. The only real difference is that the charging dock on the front is missing. Music can still be played through the speakers as before, only when your mobile is connected through the 3.5mm audio jack. This however means that any Bluetooth 2.1 enabled phone with a 3.5mm speaker connection could work with the MM04, not just iPhones.

As with the MM04i, the 04 can also be used as a Skype handset, for Skype calls made on the mobile or from any Bluetooth-enabled computer within the 10 meter radius.

Native Union MM03 – £90 (available May 2010)

The Native Union MM03 is a stylish and streamlined Bluetooth handset which doesnt feature any of the exterior speaker music playing capabilities of it’s 04 and 04i counterparts. As with the two previous Moshi Moshi handsets you can use the MM03 as a Skype handset when paired with a Skype-enabled phone or a laptop. The MM03 comes in either black or white, allowing you to colour coordinate it with whichever version of the iPhone you have.

Native Union MM02 – £50 (available April 2010)

Unlike the other Moshi Moshi handsets, the Native Union MM02 doesn’t feature Bluetooth – instead you connect your phone through the 3.5mm jack, and calls are routed this way. Native Union says that the MM02 helps to reduce phone radiation by 99.9 per cent by using this method, as it avoids direct-to-ear mobile phone usage. By contrast, the MM03 and MM04 handsets reduce the threat of radiation by some 96 per cent – if you care about that sort of thing.