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Navmii GPS navigation apps go HD for iPad

GPS brand Navmii has launched three HD applications for iPad, offering turn-by-turn directions and mapping for the Netherlands, France and Italy respectively.

The apps cost £3.99 each, and include all the necessary maps, meaning they won’t need to download anything over the air while you’re driving – good news if you’re in these countries with a roaming data tariff.

If you do have a connection, though, the app supports Google and Bing local search to find shops, cafes, restaurants and hotels. Meanwhile, the app lets you play music in the background.

Navmii has had a bunch of apps available for iPhone for some time, but as far as I can tell, the three new apps mark its debut on the iPad.

Could Apple’s tablet be a new force for GPS navigation? Navmii isn’t the first company to test the theory: MotionX GPS and CoPilot Live HD Europe are both already available in the UK App Store, although the latter has a weightier £25.99 price point.



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