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Netflix iPad app update released with HD video “to follow”

Since the launch of the new iPad with its Retina display and HD capabilities, we have been itching for an app update like this. Netflix have announced on twitter that it will soon be streaming HD films and TV shows via its iPad app – yippie!

 Action film Kill Bill shown via Netflix iPad app 

Once this update goes live, the film-watching experience on the iPad will be significantly improved and we may even see the family huddled around its screen rather then the bigger one you have in the living room.

Netflix has also released an update to its current app that includes high-res film and TV artwork, some user interface tweaks and some bug fixes – including for VoiceOver and video playback via an external display.

An interesting move by the company is to remove the ability to order films by post via the iPad app. A clear move away from this type of service by Netflix, who obviously see this as a declining business and/or would prefer you to use your iPad to watch its films.

Netflix launched here in the UK at the start of the year and offers your first month free to try it out, after this it costs £5.99 per month for unlimited content consumption.


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