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New Angry Birds Seasons Summer Pignic trailer: iPhone, iPad, Android, Symbian and Palm

…Summer Holiday. Every time there’s a new Angry Birds Seasons update, we always try to guess what crazy holiday scheme Rovio is going to hatch for its next episode.

After the last Easter update, we expected that there’d be some kind of Summer Holidays kind of theme and we were right, almost.

The Angry Birds Seasons Summer Pignic trailer, posted up on YouTube, falls short of our Cliff Richard/The Young Ones expectations. We still live in hope of there being a level where the pigs are trapped in a wooden double decker, headed for a cliff edge.

What’s really cool about the latest version of Seasons though is that it’s heading to iPhones, iPads and Android devices (natch) but Symbian^3 phones, Palm/HP devices and even Nooks. There’s also set to be desktop versions for PC and Mac well.

Well, that’s that sorted – we know what game we’ll be downloading on our Pre 3 first.

Source: Pocket-lint


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