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New Apple iPhone gets reference in code

The Apple  iPhone 4S has only just launched, but now the next-generation iPhone has been revealed and is provisionally called the iPhone 5.1.

Internal coding information has appeared online, which appears to list all the iPhone’s and iPad’s in order: iPhone 3.3, iPhone 4.1, iPhone 4.2 and iPhone 5.1.

Because the phone as a ‘5’ instead of ‘4’ code, it leads us to believe that the jump from 4.2 to 5.1 is going to be significant. 9-to-5 Mac believes that the new iPhone will include a new processor. In fact just this week we heard a rumour that Hitachi and Sony are supplying 4-inch screens for a new iOS device (rumoured to be the next iPhone), with shipments already underway.

Of course, the news the fact there’s a new iPhone is hardly groundbreaking news – it’s highly unlikely Apple would stop producing it’s multi selling mobile phone. But we need to remember this is just a rumour at the moment and Apple are highly unlikely to confirm any details until the phone is ready to launch.


Via: 9-to-5 Mac