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New 150-megapixel CMOS sensor could one day make it into smartphone snappers

Nokia’s Lumia 1020 changed the smartphone camera game when its mammoth megapixel tally first came into focus. But now a new imaging sensor from TowerJazz and Gpixel is set to punch Lumia’s lights out.

We know you’ve wondered: just how much does size matter? Well, the answer to that all depends on who you’re asking about and what you’re asking about. One thing that has been made abundantly clear in the smartphone world, is that when it comes to the size of your snapper, bigger is always better.

We’re talking megapixels, of course, and although not the be-all and end-all when it comes to digital camera quality – as we’re sure you know – it certainly seems that the race is always on to go that bit bigger than the competition and produce phones that comes with cameras featuring sensors of cyclopean scale, especially on the Android side of things.

150-megapixel-packing CMOS

But now even Nokia’s aforementioned monstro-pixel picture-taker is going to be left in the dark thanks to the new CMOS sensor from manufacturing and design companies TowerJazz and Gpixel, which takes the total to 150-megapixels!

Capable then of producing snaps the size of a comfortably capacious house, the new sensor can also shoot 10 full-frame shots a second, so not only is it big, it’s also clever.

The obvious questions then are: when will you start to see the new sensor appear in smartphones? And do you actually need such staggering pixel-power? Well, currently setting its sights on the more serious scientific, medical and industrial side of things, it may be a while before it filters down into everyday availability, but we’ve all seen such innovations start off in these areas first before becoming commercially available. So sit back and see how it develops. As to whether you actually need a 150-megapixel soul-stealer on your smartphone, what size paper can your printer handle?



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