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EE’s new Film Club offers £1 rentals to customers

EE users may no longer get into their local cinema on the cheap every Wednesday, but is EE’s latest movie offering, which gives film buffs cheap film rentals every week, a worthy alternative? We’re not so sure.

The new promotion, called EE Film Club, will let Orange, T-Mobile and (of course) EE subscribers pick a movie every week from’s catalogue and stream it for just £1…well, £1.35 when you factor in the cost of the text to opt-in.

The service will get under way on March 30th, and users will be able to participate by texting “film” to 141. In return they’ll be given a special promotional code which will entitle them to a 48-hour movie rental, chosen from Wuaki.TV’s catalogue of classic and new movies. Your chosen flick can be enjoyed on a number of platforms, including your phone, tablet, games console or smart TV, but the promo code will only be valid Monday through Wednesday, so you can’t enjoy the perk at the weekend.

EE cites the increasing popularity of home streaming as the reason for ditching a cinema-based promo in favour of the new Film Club offering.

According to the carrier, one in three adults now streams or downloads movies and films each week, but it seems as if EE’s survey missed one big point: people are streaming from services they already pay for. Offering another, which will cost them an additional £1.35 a week for a single movie with strict limitations, won’t likely be seen as a particularly alluring proposition – especially when you can throw a few quid at Netflix every month and watch as much brain rot as you like, with no limits.

Still, if you’re bored with Netflix and Instant Prime’s offerings and maybe only want to watch the occasional new release, perhaps EE’s Film Club offer will appeal. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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