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New HP webOS phone leaked: No keyboard

This fuzzy photo reportedly shows a new phone leaked from HP, a Pre phone with no keyboard in sight.

The source of the photo wasn’t able to tell Pre Central much more about it. A prototype that got binned in the development process? Something still in development? We don’t know.

If it did see release, it would join a new family of HP mobile devices, including the petite Veer, the latest Pre 3, and their tablet offering, the HP Touchpad, all of which we’re still waiting to see later in 2011.

There are a few previously leaked codenames found deep inside webOS that haven’t yet been assigned to phones – and many suspect this could be the Stingray or Windsor. (The Pre 3 was codenamed the Mantaray.)

It could set a new precedent for the HP phone range, (previously Palm) who have typically offered a hard keyboard for messaging and email fanatics, either on the front or side-out. It looks a bit anonymous, and looking at the picture, it could we be a photo from any smartphone manufacturer.


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