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New iOS 5.0.1 build opens up possibility of Siri on iPhone 4

Google weren’t the only ones updating their mobile operating system this week: Apple released a new build of iOS 5.0.1 on Thursday. The curious part? It’s only available for the iPhone 4S, and the file system of the phone is freely accessible. With a little bit of scripting, all the files necessary to port Siri to another device is entirely possible.

Previously Apple encrypted the RAM disk, which means anyone attempting to access the files needed for Siri was doing so via questionable methods. Taking the UDID from a jailbroken iPhone 4S and applying that to the iPhone 4 fooled Siri. This method was never distributed for fear of landing in legal hot water with Apple.

This new development means there are no such worries. Porting Siri to other devices like the iPhone 4 could be done with relative ease, but also opens up the personal voice assistant to other hacks and improvements. There have already been some interesting uses for Siri, and wider support on older devices means we’ll only see more.

Keep your eyes peeled in the meantime. You could be asking Siri silly questions on your iPhone 4 relatively soon.


Source: CNet via T3