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New iPad accessories

All set up to get your new iPad tomorrow? Pre-ordered and you’re already in line? Good for you. But have you thought of everything? Got AppleCare? Got apps? Got some Pix & Stix?

If you’re all set for the new iPad and you’ve a nagging feeling that there’s something else you need, then one of these accessories might scratch that itch. From the Zooka speaker to Proporta’s new range of cases for the new iPad, we’re sure there’ll be something here that’ll pique your interest.

Proporta - the new iPad Leather Case with Aluminium Lining

Proporta – the new iPad Leather Case with Aluminium Lining

Available to pre-order now for £69.95, Proporta’s new iPad Leather Case with Aluminium Lining might not have the catchiest name but it’s the smartest-looking new iPad case from Proporta’s new range.

Available in black and brown leather covers, the ridged interior of these cases will let you prop up your new iPad at comfortable typing angles and the aluminium lining gives you a measure of protection while remaining light. There’s cutouts for the camera, volume control, port and everything else and the cases can be securely shut thanks to the magnetic clasp.

 Pix & Stix

Pix & Stix – perfect for GarageBand Jam Sessions

At the launch night for the new iPad and details of iOS 5.1 came word that Apple was updating several of its own apps including GarageBand for iPad.

The new version of GarageBand features Jam Session – multiplayer GarageBand that sees you and some mates getting together with your iPads and kicking out the jams.

While the Touch Instruments are all well and good what you really want to complete the Jam Session experience are some Pix & Stix.

These rubberised drum sticks and plectrums have been thoroughly tested on iPads. Any wannabe Keith Moons worried about putting a hole through their brand new iPad can rest easy.

Costing $39.95 – $24.95 plus an extra $15.00 to ship to the UK – which currently converts to around £26.80. A set of Pix & Stix consists of 2 drumsticks and 1 pick and come in yellow, blue and black.


Zooka – portable speaker/stand for your new iPad

When you’re finished writing and mixing down the next ‘Imagine’ on GarageBand you’ll want some speakers to play it on. Enter the Zooka.

While the Zooka isn’t the first Bluetooth/3.5mm iPad speaker dock out there its one of the best we’ve seen. Its clever design means that it can also double as a handy rest/stand for your new iPad. It can also be clipped on to the top of your laptop’s screen as well.

Coming with 8 over hours of battery, the Zooka will last about as long as the battery of your new iPad does. Something we spotted yesterday, the Zooka iPad accessory is currently available through Zooka’s Kickstarter page.

iPad camera lenses

iPad Camera Lenses – wide angle and fish eye lenses for your iSight camera

Aside from the eyeball scorching resolution of the new iPad’s Retina Display, the standout feature of the new iPad was the 5-megapixel iSight camera. Coming with a bigger sensor that’s illuminated from the back and sides, it’s got a big f/2.4 lens and filtering technology to cut out infra-red light. It’s easily the most advanced iPad camera yet.

While we’ll be able to have fun with the various settings on Instagram et al, why not experiment with these removable magnetic iPad lenses?

There are wide angle and macro lenses for bigger pictures and close ups, a 2x telephoto lens for long-focus shots and a fish-eye lens for fun house mirror distortions.

Available from as a pack of four or on their own, prices (including shipping) work out at £14.50 for the wide and macro lenses, £15 for the telephoto lens and £18 for the fish eye lens. Alternatively you can buy all four as a pack for £35.

As well as opening up a world of camera experimentation with your new iPad, you could really weird your friends out by sticking the fish eye lens on the front camera and starting a FaceTime call.

Wacom Bamboo

Wacom Bamboo – stylus for working, taking notes and scribbling

Wacom’s Bamboo stylus is one of our favourites not only for its premium feel and functionality but also because of the Bamboo Paper iPad app. It’s a great combination that allows for easy note taking on the go whether its jotting down meeting notes or making holiday plans.

Aside from being used with the Bamboo Paper app you can use the Wacom Bamboo pen (£25) for and on absolutely anything. Any drawing, art or note taking app where you’d feel a stylus would be more appropriate than a finger.

Elgato EyeTV Mobile

Elgato EyeTV Mobile – No Apple TV? No problem? watch TV on your new iPad

As well as the BBC iPlayer, SkyGo and Sky Sports for iPad apps there’s Elgato’s EyeTV Mobile

For those times where you can’t watch TV on the go because of a lack of Wi-Fi or a dodgy 3G connection, the EyeTV Mobile will basically turn your new iPad into a Freeview+ box. You can record live TV as well as pause and rewind programmes.

Essentially a DVB-T tuner that plugs in to the 30-pin port of your iPad, the EyeTV Mobile gives you 8 hours of viewing time on the go. Quality depends entirely on Freeview reception so it might not work out in every situation. But definitely worth it if you want to watch TV on your iPad on the go and you don’t want to pay extra besides the initial £75-odd for the EyeTV Mobile itself.


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