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New iPad comic apps beef up your science knowledge

Science is a wonderful and amazing thing, even for non-scientists. Not that you’d know it from the textbooks used when I was at school. Hopefully things have improved for the students of today already, but a new wave of tablet book-apps looks set to make science – wait for it – fun.

The Elements for iPad showed how earlier this year, and now it’s been joined by two new apps from a company called Big Bang Productions: Madame Curie and Inside The Atom. Both aim to get people interested in science and scientists through multimedia interactivity.

For both, that means a mixture of comic strips and videos, aiming to boil down the history and theories into something digestible – without dumbing them down. At £5.99 each they’re fairly pricey, but judging by the popularity of The Elements, they’ll certainly find an audience. Team these with the Frog Dissection app we wrote about earlier this year, and you’re guaranteed to ace your GCSEs. Possibly.


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