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New iPad RAM: doubled to 1GB

A benchmark of the new iPad 3 has revealed it has 1GB RAM and a benchmark score very close to the Apple iPad 2.

Sonny Dickson, iOS fan and hacker, revealed a benchmark for the new iPad 3 via a screenshot posted on his Twitter account with the words: ‘Awesome! The new iPad has 1GB of RAM!’New iPad 3 benchmark

According to Geekbench the new iPad rated 988MB. This contrasts with 512MB in the iPad 2 and 256MB in the original iPad.

On launch date, Apple didn’t reveal the new iPad 3’s RAM and there’s no reference to it on the Apple’s specification pages.

The screenshot also revealed a benchmark for the new iPad. Apple’s third-generation tablet rated 756 using Geekbench. According to SlashGear this compares to a score of 751 for the iPad 2 and 618 since the original iPad.

The slight difference between the iPad 2 and new iPad is hardly surprising, considering both tablets have a dual-core processor. The iPad 2 has Apple’s A5 chip and the new iPad has the A5X chip.


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