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New iPad to be called Apple iPad HD?

Short of Apple pulling off a huge shock, the new Apple iPad will be revealed tomorrow, but new rumours are surfacing revealing it could be called the Apple iPad HD.

A source described as having an: ‘unblemished track record’ told Mashable that the new iPad will not be called the iPad 3, but will instead be called the Apple iPad HD.

The name Apple iPad HD has also been revealed by other sources, with CNET reporting similar rumours, and a list of cases from Griffin and Belkin for an iPad HD leaking online.

The name HD obviously refers to the resolution of the screen, which Apple is strongly rumoured to be changing, boosting the resolution to 2048×1536, which would make it the biggest seen on a tablet. Apple has called the screen a Retina Display in the past, but the name HD will have more resonance for the majority of people.

Last year everyone was expecting Apple to launch an Apple iPhone 5, but instead we got an Apple iPhone 4S, so it’s not inconceivable for Apple to surprise us. Of course these are only rumours at the moment, so we’ll bring you more information tomorrow when Apple reveals everything.


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