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New iPhone app brings tea and kittens together, at last

Together at last; Tea and Kittens set itself up as an oasis of web-based tranquility.

In these days of strikes, phone-hacking, and economic uncertainty, what we sometimes all need is pictures of tea and pictures of kittens in the same place.

Now the Tea and Kittens app has arrived on iPhone, with all sorts of extra features that we’ve started to expect from a website-inspired app.

We think the highlight here is the tea near me feature, using the iPhone’s GPS and 3G data connection to find the nearest place to serve you a nice milky cuppa.

There’s even kittens ‘hardwired’ into the app so you won’t even need a 3G connection to calm yourself- ideal for that commute from hell. You’ll also get more tea and kittens news from the blog, updated regularly.

We’re promised more kitten-based updates, and have been told an Android version could be on its way in the future.

No iPhone? You’ll have to cope with the website for now.


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