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New iPhone hardware mod illuminates Apple logo, doubles as a notification light

Leeds-based iPhone repairing pros iPatch are planning to offer up a very cool mod for your ageing one-year-old iPhone 4.

Though it does require some chip-based hardware modifications that are apparently rather difficult to replicate, the end result is an iPhone 4 with a glowing logo on the back.

Not just that, the light-up logo also acts as a notifier. It will glow gently when you’ve received a call or message, and apparently doesn’t noticeably increase battery use, or cause excessive heating.

The sad bit is that is most certainly voids your warranty though the guys at iPatch says it is completely reversible.

Planned to be available some time next month, it’ll set you back between £50 and £100, plus delivery. The cost will settle once they’ve settled the mass production costs. Follow iPatch on Twitter to stay updated on this very cool mod.


Via: Wired