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New iPhone queue starts already…

The new iPhone hasn’t been announced or even gone on sale yet, but already a keen-tech fan is queuing in a bid to be first to get a handset.

Part-time app developer for MEDL and self-confessed technology fan, Rob Shoesmith is waiting outside the Apple store in Covent Garden in a bid to be the first person to get the new iPhone.

We first heard about him earlier this year,  Rob isn’t just an obsessive Apple plan – there is a twist. Billing his exploits as the ‘The iPhone 5 Experiment,’ he states on his website: ‘There is one rule! I can’t spend any money on anything I take with me. I’m asking for companies to donate products and services to test out whilst I’m there.;

He has already attracted sponsors, offering free camping equipment, as well as including Dominoes, Kleenex and Seabrook crisps. All of whom get a mentions in his blog.

Shoesmith could be in for a long wait. Traditionally Apple doesn’t announce the phone and release it to market straight away, typically waiting a week (if not longer) from the announcement to it actually hitting shelves in the UK.

Rob will be blogging about his exploits here or you can follow him on Twitter.

Canny self-promotion on Rob’s part or just is this Apple fanaticism gone too far? Let us know below