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New LG Windows Phone 7 details emerge: LG E700 doc with IE9 support hints at Autumn release

We’ve heard whispers of a forthcoming LG Windows Phone 7, the so-called LG E700. While there’s no mention of any concrete spec, or even a blurry leaked pic, it looks as though the E700 will come with support for Internet Explorer 9 built in.

A leaked xml file which we spotted on UnwiredView, lists both the name of the phone and ‘IE9’ as its standard browser. As IE9 is a key part of the Mango update, this suggests an autumn release for the device.

Announced by Microsoft last week, Mango is due to hit existing WP7 devices this autumn. So while this doesn’t rule out phones with Mango being released before the update hits existing phones, it does point towards a late summer/early autumn release for the E700.

Specs of the LG E700 – or whatever it eventually gets called – will need to match the WP7 hardware requirements. Meaning it’ll at least feature a 5-megapixel camera, LED flash, 8GB of internal memory and a 1GHz processor as standard.

The E700 would be LG’s first Windows Phone 7 phone since last year’s Optimus 7 (pictured). This phone came with a whopping 16GB of memory (twice the required amount) so we’d expect that the E700 would do so as well.

Source: via UnwiredView


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