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New Liveshare app will make Kiss fans famous (sort of)

People don’t wave lighters in the air at gigs any more – they wave their mobiles instead. Well, they don’t even wave them, if they’re trying to take a decent photo of whoever’s on-stage.

The average stadium gig now is a forest of camera-phones held aloft, with those pics then being shared willy-nilly on Facebook and Flickr.

Liveshare by Cooliris is an app that’s looking to make use of this trend in a different way. It lets people send their in-gig snaps to the big-screen JumboTrons in venues, as well as to the website of whatever band is playing. For now, it only works at certain gigs at concerts promoted by Live Nation.

Which gigs? Why, the latest tour from legendary facepainted rockers Kiss, of course. Besides putting fans’ faces on the big screens, they’ll be streamed to Kiss’ website for a whizzy-sounding ‘3D wall’.

A word of warning for anyone hoping to shock their fellow gig-goers with saucy snaps: “Not all photos will make it onto the JumboTron,” explains the App Store blurb. “Including photos that are blurry or deemed inappropriate.” Or any that show Kiss mainman Gene Simmons in an unfavourable light, presumably.


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