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New Sony Ericsson Xperia phone leaked: Urushi, a petite Xperia Arc

Looking like the Arc’s little brother, according to leaked specs, that’s exactly what this little phone, currently called the Urushi, looks set to be packing.

With a similar eight-megapixel camera, capable of high-definition video recording, the Arc’s curves have been replaced with a slanted profile- we’re not exactly sure what to make of that.

According to GSM Arena’s leak, its smaller 3.2-inch screen packs an impressive 854×480 resolution, and like most Xperia models we’ve seen in 2011, Sony’s Bravia Mobile engine.

Behind the screen, it will match the Xperia Arc’s 1GHz Snapdragon processor, and will be running Android latest, Gingerbread (2.3).

Its currently rumoured codename, Urushi, means lacquer in Japanese, but we’re not sure whether this means it’ll match Orange’s classy Black lacquered version of the Xperia Arc. At the moment, it seems to have a matt black finish, or perhaps they’re just referencing the screen.

It looks like these are quality shots of the Sony Ericsson phones leaked last week, and we’re glad Sony Ericsson are looking to follow up on the Xperia Arc. We were pleasantly impressed with the camera-centric smartphone.

The leak seems pretty legit, with a suitably official-looking back-drop, with the right font and colour scheme found on other Sony Ericsson promo literature.

We’ll be getting in contact with Sony Ericsson tomorrow for their response.

Source: GSM Arena


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