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New Sony Xperia ad, made of imagination, shot in stop motion!

A new TV ad has been rolled out for the Sony Xperia S, depicting the vision of a Sony Xperia phone seen through the eyes of 8 y.o. Jake Ryan. This masterful stop motion animation known by the name “Made of Imagination”, directed by Wes Anderson (Fantastic Mr. Fox) and developed by Laika, illustrates the vision of what Xperia means to “the most imaginative people we know – kids”. This is the first ad to be issued by the mobile phone manufacturer as “just” Sony, leaving forever behind the Ericsson bit that used to trail the maker’s name.

The commercial playfully describes how the phone is run internally by minuscule robots, governed by a somewhat bigger and rather bossier one, praising how despite their size they can accomplish amazing feats such as predicting the future and carrying media content around to other devices with the help of tiny rocket-propelled jet-packs.

Director Wes Anderson queried a group of kids on how they thought smartphones worked to try and extrapolate a viable idea for a commercial. Rather than focusing on specs, the idea behind this and future commercials is to explain the internal workings of their products in a simple, charming almost ethereal way to people that just want to be amazed. Rather fitting too, as after all we’re not just talking about robots, we’re talking about Androids!


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