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New version of Android Market brings ‘related’ tab, only on US phones running 2.2 so far

It appears that a new version of the Android Market has been pushed out to a couple of Android 2.2 phones on the quiet.

The new version comes with ‘related’ or ‘similar’ tab on the About page of an app. An educated guess suggests that clicking this tab will display a list of similar or related apps.

It appears that this new version of the Market has only crept on to the US-only Droid X and Evo 4G phones so far. So there’s no way of telling if this will see the light of day on any UK Android phones running Froyo in the next few days, or whether we won’t get it until Gingerbread arrives.

We heard last week that are are some changes coming to the Android Market in the form of age ratings, so maybe this new feature will be launched round about the same time. We’ll let you know if we hear of this or anything related or similar.


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