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Windows Phone 8 live wallpapers let apps run on your lockscreen?

Could this be the newest feature on Windows Phone 8? The new mobile OS could feature lockscreen wallpapers with app-related information on them.

Nokia-centric mobile site were just sent an image displaying a previously unknown feature now expected to debut in amidst Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 official launch party later today in London. The image shows three examples of the new Windows Phone 8 lockscreen, which alongside featuring the same call, message and email notifications as we’ve seen from the likes of Windows Phone 7, features an entirely new element which offers information from specific apps whilst the phone is locked.

Windows Phone 8 live lockscreens

The images show both first and third-party apps making use of the new feature, with Bing, ESPN and USA Today all utilising lockscreen live updates. This feature must override whatever lockscreen you set with regards to an image and presumably only specific apps will offer such functionality from within the phone’s settings. In these instances, it looks as if users can see recently searched items, sports scores and a pictorial representation of the latest headlines. It’ll be interesting to see if the content displayed on the lockscreen is directly accessible without the user having to unlock their handset in the conventional fashion and then find the app, or whether they’ll be able to jump straight to the content that’s active on the screen at the time.

What sort of information can be displayed is unclear, but we’ll be able to paint a more accurate picture for you when we head to the event later today.


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