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Next Google Nexus spotted in patent application?

Is it possible that the image contained within a recently unearthed patent application forms the basis for the next Google Nexus phone? As exciting as it is to plough through the plethora of patents, seeing the weird and wonderful creations companies have considered to turn into real products, you should seldom assume that what you see is going to actually make it through to market.

As source site states, a patent application is something very different to an approved patent and usually, it wouldn’t be worth dwelling over, however this application is special, for a number of reasons.

Google Nexus 2013 patent

Firstly the design might look dated, harking back to the T-Mobile G1 of yesteryear with its pull-out keyboard, but the application was only filed in January this year. What’s more, the name attached to the application is Andy Rubein, Mr Android himself, Senior VP of Mobile at Google and as such, this patent has been rushed through, faster than your typical patent at the very least, no doubt thanks to the corporate clout behind the attached name.

With Ice Cream Sandwich about to hit its sixth month out in the open, the countdown must have already begun on the next iteration of Android, codenamed Jelly Bean 5.0. As such, this timely patent application could well allude to the next phone in development to showcase the new features Jellybean will offer.

Another observation to note is that the basic layout of the phone in the image appears heavily reminiscent of the Motorola’s Milestone and Milestone 2. Considering the recent acquisition of Motorola Mobility by Google, the legitimacy of the image then feels that little bit more authentic.

Of course we’ll have to wait until the latter half of the year to ascertain any in-depth information about the final device and Android Jelly Bean as its new OS, but this could be the first piece in the vast puzzle that will assemble itself in the run up to launch.


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