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Eric Schmidt: Motorola’s next products are ‘phenomenal’

It’s been almost two years since Google purchased Motorola Mobility for the princely sum of $12.5 billion, and so far it doesn’t look like much has come of the union. What exactly is Motorola cooking up behind the scenes while its rivals are pumping out killer flagship devices? According to Google executive chairman and ex-CEO Eric Schmidt, something “phenomenal.”

Speaking at AllThingD’s Dive into Mobile conference, Schmidt was pressed on where Motorola stands in the current mobile market and how Google intends to leverage the company going forward. In response, Schmidt said that he had already peeked some upcoming products from Motorola, saying that the “new set of products … are phenomenal.” The full audio of the conversation can be heard at Droid-Life.

Schmidt went on to say that everyone should “wait and see” where the next-generation of technology is taking the industry, teasing that “it’s very impressive.” And the most curious statement of all? “Think of it as phones plus,” said Schmidt when asked exactly what Motorola was working on.

It’s not the first time Google has tried to coin a new term for the smartphones we’re so accustomed to. The company dubbed the Nexus One a “superphone” when it was unveiled back in 2010, a phrase that ultimately failed to catch on. Still, Schmidt’s comments are intriguing. All of this could just be the typical posturing one would expect from a mobile manufacturer, but we’d hope that after all this time that Google and Motorola really have come up with something special for the next-generation of smartphones.


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