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Next Samsung Galaxy S3 user manual leaks?

Dedicated Samsung news site, SamMobile, have been sent some intriguing shots and information, supposedly scanned from the user manual of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3. Sited as the ‘GT-I9300’, which so far fits the bill as the official name of the yet-to-be-announced flagship.

Along with a set of front and back images, one of the scans cites a spec list with some unusual figures. Aside from the inclusion of ICS and 1080p HD Video recording as we expected, the bullet points make mention of a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display, conflicting the numerous sites and sources predicting a screen size closer to that of the Galaxy Nexus (around 4.6 to 4.7-inches).

S3 scan 1

The camera too is listed as an 8MP unit, which is surprising as we’re expecting it to be a 12MP unit,  considering the mention of imaging performance which the S3’s intended chipset can deliver. A glaring discrepancy is clock speed, with Samsung officially stating a 1.4GHz clock for the new Exynos 4 Quad chipset, unlike the 1.5GHz as listed above.

The simple line drawings don’t give away much in the way of detail, however the design certainly looks legitimately Samsung, with a physical centre hardware button, bookended by two capacitive keys.

S3 scan 2

The second image interestingly enough, doesn’t show the back of the device, but what looks like a plastic back cover (based on the positioning of the numerous clips skirting the edge of the part). If the drawing is correct, the S3 is unlikely to use an integrated battery and may offer access for expandable memory too.

Thankfully we don’t have long to wait to find out where the truth and the speculation stand, as Samsung’s Unpacked event is set to take place in just one week, so stay tuned and we’ll keep you informed of any further developments. In the meantime, check back to our Samsung Galaxy S3 Rumour Round-up to see our predictions for Samsung’s first quad-core phone.


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